2 euro commemorative coin of 2022, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme

2 euro commemorative coin of 2022, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme

Last update, 07/30/2021 – In 2022, the Erasmus programme celebrates its 35th anniversary. The European Commission has published the 6 competition designs still in the running for the joint €2 commemorative 2022 Erasmus 2 euro coin. The coin will be issued in amost of  the 19 Member States of the euro area.


Breaking news, on 04/12/2021: Project €2 Erasmus 2022 N°6 – “Monnaie de Paris” design from Joaquin JIMENEZ, choosen by European Commission

Coins will be issued from july the first 2022

2€ Erasmus 2022 Commémoration du 35e anniversaire d'Erasmus - Concours

2022 €2 ERSAMUS, first version


A modified design, since its first presentation  

A second modified version was presented at the time of the announcement of the 2022 €2 ERASMUS issued by Cyprus.
In the design of this second version, the mention of the country is moved to the bottom right.
the words “1987-2022 ERASMUS PROGRAM” are written in a bolder font with the letters tighter.
The text block creates a certain heaviness that covers the character of Erasmus much more. But this new design leaves more space for the mention of the issuing country.
Moreover the initials of the engraver J.J. (Joaquin JIMENEZ, Engraver in chief of Monnaie de Paris -french mint) were added on version 2, under the top of the pencil that Erasmus holds.
First version (left) and second version (right)
The country mention was originally in the center of the coin.

The announced mintages

The projects of the following countries have been submitted to the European Council for approval on 107/19/2021. These countries will therefore issue a €2 ERASMUS in 2022:
  • Slovakia
  • Chyprus
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Slovenia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
For the moment, the following countries have not submitted their design for this coin to the European Council for validation:
  • Netherlands
  • Latvia
  • Andorra
  • Monaco
  • Vatican
  • San Marino

The Netherlands have not minted €2 commemorative coins for several years. The country is following the recommendations of the European institutions who ask that €2 stikes shouild be greatly reduced given the stocks of genuine €2 coins that are still in the vaults of European central banks. It is therefore not certain that KNM will issue a 2022 dutch €2 ERASMUS.

KNM might althought strike 2022 belgian €2 ERASMUS coins as service provider of belgian Royal Mint.

At time, only the mintages of the coin issued by Cyprus are known.


– 6 000 BU coins (2000 in annual BU set + 4 000 coincards)


– Circulation coins (UNC): 400 000 coins
– Coin in BU condition (coincards): 7 000 coins
– Coin in proof condition (boxes): 5 000 coins


2 euro commemorative coin of 2022, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme


2 euro commemorative coin of 2022, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme



The design projects


Project 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°1, german project


This coin was designed by artist Thomas SERRES for GERMANY.

The overlapping silhouettes of the heads of young people facing in different directions contain numbers and letters dispersed across the whole coin that spell out “ERASMUS PROGRAMME 1987–2022”.
The design is reminiscent of a map and symbolically represents the international European exchange of students and trainees and the network of educational establishments and training locations.

Project 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°2, MRB project

This project was presented by Belgium and designed by the artist Iris BRUIJNS.

It is not Luc LUYCX (the father of the common sides of the euro circulation coins) who designed this coin, whereas generally it is the engraver who designs the entire Belgian annual numismatic program.

The Erasmus programme gives all participants such as students, teachers and organizations the opportunity to gain a unique experience.
On the one hand, there is the acquisition of knowledge, represented by a book as a sign of education and training.
Erasmus is a European programme, but it spreads not only within Europe through the Programme countries, but all over the world through the Partner countries.
Erasmus mobility offers exceptional opportunities. This is symbolised in the design by the arrows over the globe, which represent the numerous ways in which exchanges can take place: physical, educational and cultural exchanges.
There are also people on the globe who make the link with learning, travelling, sports and friendship, all elements that are covered in the programme.

Project 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°3

The design represents how the Erasmus program, during these 35 years, gave a great opportunity, to all the citizens, to challenge themselves. The design illustrates the youth and the desire to get involved in a new adventure. The route is the path of personal growth, represented by different symbols: sport, education, travel, independence, freedom, equality and job opportunity; values that this program always embraced. Erasmus is an all-round experience that wants to lead to a higher empathy and inclusion level to make democracy every day more efficient.

Project 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°4

The design shows the bonding between young people, their arms extended around each other’s shoulders and the word Erasmus, like an umbrella, above them. In the artist’s opinion, this is what the Erasmus programme is all about.
Under its umbrella, Erasmus gives young university students from all countries in Europe the opportunity to immerse themselves in an academic and cultural environment other than their own, and to broaden their minds and horizons by getting to know other countries, other cultures and other students just like them.
Our old continent has a vibrant youth, on which it pins its hopes of becoming an inclusive and diverse place to live and work, free of stereotypes, where all people can forge ties of friendship and prosper in peace, equality and democracy.

Projet 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°5

This design is a homage to connections. It hopes to materialize the union in diversity and the global growth to which the Erasmus program has led.
The small circles symbolise the countries and the schools, but most of all the communities that embrace the emissaries of new ideas and hopes that are the youths and the students. The elliptical curves represent the exchanges, communication and contact in proximity for which the information era, which has shortened time and space, has not found a substitute.

Projet 2€ Erasmus 2022 N°6 – “Monnaie de Paris” design

This design is a mix of two major elements of the Erasmus programme: the original intellectual inspiration, Erasmus himself, and the allegory of its influence over Europe. The first one is symbolised by one of the most known depictions of Erasmus. The second one is symbolised by a beam of links going across the coin from a beacon to another, representing the numerous intellectual and human exchanges between the European students. As a reference to Europe, some of these links form other stars, born from the synergy between the countries. Figure 35, for the 35th anniversary, comes out from the stars in a contemporary graphical style.
This design is the artwork of Joaquin JIMENEZ, engraver in chief of “Monnaie de Paris” (french mint).

You can choose one of the six drawings below and vote until midnight on 31 March 2021.


Source : European Commission – NUMISMAG©

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