NUNISMAG is the project of two numismatics enthousiasts. It consists in putting at the disposal of the largest number of collectors or readers, potential numismatists, clear and checked information, concerning official numismatic issues of the whole world. We will broach all the subjects and all the types of collections: coins, banknotes, medals, tokens or any other numismatic objects. We want to be a website concerning numismatics, in general.

100% of this website contents will be in free access for the reader. We are indeed persuaded that the numismatics has a future, only in the renewal of collector generations. A free access to relevant numismatic information seems, to us, to constitute the first step in this direction.

We are not professional dealers. We do not have any numismatic items to sell. That guarantees the neutrality and the objectivity of our leading contents to our public. In addition, our point of view will be always only technical, without any bias, of any kind.

Pierre & Olivier

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