Mint of Finland strike for danish NCB

Mint of Finland strike for danish NCB

The Mint of Finland now started to produce Danish circulation coins. The coins will be introduced, during the course of  the year in the danish cash system.

We chose the Mint of Finland after a transparent process of offer was set up declared the Governor Hugo Frey Jensen, of DanmarksNationalbankHugo Frey Jensen pressed himself on the button to begin the production of the coins of 20 crowns when he visited the Mint of Finland in the town of VantaaIn the near future, the mint of Finland will produce all danish coins of circulation. Since the process of offer,  production of danish coins was a large and important target for us. We are proud to celebrate the beginning of the production of these Danish currencies said Jonne Hankimaa, President of the Mint of Finland.

Although all the Danish coins are now struck in Finland, the coins design did not change. The only difference is that the yearmark on the new coins is 2017. The danish NCB signed a 4 year old master agreement  with the Mint of Finland.



The request for means of payment in cash (banknotes and coins) is in strong fall for several years. So that, the danish NCB has decided to cease producing them itself and intends to subcontract the manufacturing of coins and banknotes. At time, the choice of the subcontractor for banknotes printing was not determinated yet. It should be done during the course of  year 2018.

Source: Danish NCB.

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