Chancellor Sajid Javid and Brexit coins – ACT III

Chancellor Sajid Javid and Brexit coins – ACT III

The third 50pence commemorative coin for circulation has been ordered by british government. A royal proclamation issued in the name of the Queen in early December approved the minting of “coins in gold, silver, and cupro-nickel marking the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.”

Silver and gold coin are supposed to be mintedfor coin collector’s market, and cupronickel coin for circulation. The coins will be inscribed with the date of January 31 2020, the day the UK will officially leave the European Union.

According to Bloomberg and The Guardian, the commemorative coins will be introduced into circulation on the day the UK leaves the EU, ensured an Exchequer spokeman.

It is the third time the british government has planned to mint commemorative Brexit 50pence. The new coins were originally planned for 29 March, 2019 but the delay to Brexit scuppered these plans. They hadn’t yet been minted when the Brexit deadline was pushed back to October 31.


Chancellor Sajid Javid and Brexit coins – ACT III


About one million coins stamped with the 31 October date were minted before Brexit was again delayed. These coins, ordered by chancellor Sajid Javid, had to be melted down and recycled by the Royal Mint after the delay.

The Conservative party’s decisive win in the December general election has allowed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to push ahead with Brexit and the UK is now set to officially leave the EU on 31 January, 2020.

This coinage marks an important step in UK history. These coins may also be collected by coins collectors, but not only. More generally a big part of UK inhabitants may look for these coins.

The mintage of collector coins will probably be very limited, but the circulation coin may be struck in millions of copies.


Sources: Bloomberg, The Guardian and Numismag©.

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