Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set

Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set

Latgalian pottery is part of the Latvian Cultural Canon and has become one of the most striking examples of Latvian culture.
The new commemorative coin features a candelabra – a typical Latgalian ceramic candle holder. Latgale and Kurzeme have seen the traditional pottery making develop for an extended period of time, but it is in Latgale only that it has been preserved down the ages and passed on from generation to generation.
The author of the graphic design of the national side of the new commemorative coin is artist Gundega Rancāne, while the author of the plaster model is Jānis Strupulis.


€2 commemorative coin “Latgalian Ceramics”

The 2 euro coin in Brilliant Uncirculated quality is with a total mintage 5000 coins.
“Latgalian Ceramics” will be the only 2 euro commemorative coin issued by Latvijas Banka this year.

The new 2 euro commemorative coins, which are also circulation coins, will be temporarily unavailable (including those in rolls). Latvijas Banka intends to put into circulation a total of 400 000 coins after the normal situation is restored, with the public being informed in a timely manner.


Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set


€2 “Latgalian Ceramics”


Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set


Mintage: 400 000 coins (including 12 000 BU coins)


2020 latvian Annual coin set


It is with a total mintage of 7 000 sets.
The set of circulation coins “Latgalian Ceramics” contains the euro circulation coins issued in 2020 whose nominal value ranges between 1 cent and 2 euro, including the new 2 euro commemorative coin.


The national side of the commemorative coin bears the inscriptions “LATVIJA”, “LATGALES KERAMIKA” (Latgalian Ceramics) as well as the year of issue (2020). The edge of the coin, like all other 2 euro circulation coins of the Republic of Latvia, features the inscription “DIEVS * SVĒTĪ * LATVIJU *” (God Bless Latvia). The new 2 euro coin has been minted by UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla (Lithuania).


Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set

Latvian 2020 annual coin set – Mintage: 7 000 sets


Important notice:


The purchase of coins will be possible only on the website from 12.00 on 5 June.

The new commemorative coins will be available for purchase in gift packaging and in circulation coin sets only.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new numismatic products will not be available at the Cashier’s Offices of Latvijas Banka.

For the time being, it will be possible to receive the coins purchased on the website by post only.


Latvian 2020 €2 euro commemorative coin and coin set


Sources: Bank of Latvia and NUMISMAG.


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