€2 commemorative coin celebrating 70th anniversary of italian constitution

€2 commemorative coin celebrating 70th anniversary of italian constitution

In 2018, italian ZECCA (Italian mint) will issue a €2 coin commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Italian constitution. On the reverse of the coin Enrico De Nicola, provisional chief of the Italian State who signed promulgation of the Constitution of the Italian Republic on December 27th, 1947 is represented. Beside are represented prime minister Alcide De Gasperi and Umberto Terracini, president of the Italian Assembly which voted this constitution.


Enrico De Nicola was a politician of foreground and took part in various governments since 1914. A time affiliated to the fascist party in 1924, he kept his distance very quickly and put himself aside from political life until 1943. In 1947, he was the first Head of the State of post fascist Italy and provided the foundations of the modern Italian Republic.

DE GASPERI came from socio-democrat resistance. He had been persecuted by the fascist government, since 1927. Jailed for 4 years, he was released at the end of 16 month, because of the pope personal intervention. He remained librarian in VATICAN State from 1929 to 1945. Prime Minister, he had in mind to develop the italian resources and set up an energy expansion plan with the construction of power plants fed out of natural gas or by the volcanic activity.

Umberto TERRACINI was a politician coming from the ICP, the Italian Communist party. Also persecuted by the fascist authorities, he was condemned to a 22 years of prison sentence, in 1928. He was interned in various camps and correctional islands. Released in 1943, he took part in the release of northern Italy of and will be elected president of the Italian Assembly in 1946.

On top of the coin reverse appears the word “COSTITUZIONE” i.e. “Constitution ” and the monogram of Italian Republic “RI”.  The sentence “CON SICURA COSCIENZA” means “with sure conscience”, italian mintmark “R” and the Italian Constitution promulgation day are mentioned on the same side. The mintage is 4 million coins. The issuing day will be in January 2018.


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