MONACO 2018 €2 commemorative coin JOSEF BOSIO on sale!

MONACO 2018 €2 commemorative coin JOSEF BOSIO on sale!

2018 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great Monaco sculptor François-Joseph Bosio (1768-1845). Portraitist of Napoleon 1st then professor at the School of Fine Arts, he was appointed first sculptor to the King Louis XVIII, in 1821.
2€ François Joseph BOSIO MONACO 2018
Official picture of 2018 proof €2 MONACO – JOSEF BOSIO
The artist François Joseph BOSIO
In addition to Napoleon’s Grande Armée column in Boulogne-sur-mer, his major works are in Paris:
– twenty bas-reliefs for the Place Vendôme column,
– the equestrian statue of Louis XIV of the Place des Victoires, for which he received the title of baron,
– Henry IV child,
– Aristée and Hercule fighting Acheloüs, all three at the Louvres Museum.
Proof €2 MONACO 2018 dedicated to François Joseph BOSIO
The coin features a portrait of the artist in the foreground and, in the background, an original sculpture representing the Salmacis Nymph, on display at the Musée du LOUVRES in PARIS. An exhibition will be dedicated to the sculptor from 14 June to 14 October 2018 at the MONACO Palace.

Nymphea SALMACIS from BOSIO – copyright Musée du Louvres

The coins are manufactured by Monnaie de Paris (french state mint), the exclusive supplier of Principality of Monaco since 1865 (since 2002, pursuant to the monetary agreement concluded between Monaco and France). The previous commemorative coin was dedicated to the company of the Prince’s carabinieri (see here article NUMISMAG).

16,000 coins will be struck in Pessac, the Monnaie de Paris plant.

The Stamps and Coins Museum of Monaco has offered this coin for sale the 06/25/2018 at 15PM on its website exclusively.
(click for the address of the Monaco museum online shop)

This new issue was out of sale at the end of the day.

Now the numismatic wholesalers /dealers of MONACO do sale this coin.

BRYTCH and Son and Comptoir Numismatique of Monaco compagnies sale this coin for 239€ (+ shipping cost).

Gadoury compagny sales the coin for 499€ (+ shipping cost).

Summary of €2 commemorative coins issued by Principality of MONACO:

Mintages of MONACO €2 commemorative coins
Year theme Mintage
2007 grace kelly 20001
2010 prince albert II 11180
2011  albert II wedding 66820 (1)
2012 500 anniversary principalty fondation 10 000 (2)
2013 10 years UNO membership 10 000 (3)
2015 800 years of Monaco Fortress 15000
2016 Monaco fondation by Charles III 15000
2017 200 years of Prince carabinieri company fondation 15000
2018 250 years of François Joseph BOSIO’s birth 16000

(1) + 81 057 circulation coins
(2) +1500 coincards and 100 000 circulation coins
(3)+1229131 circulation coins and 2500 coincards 

The prince law n°6983 of june the 18th 2018 indicates that 1 000 000 one euro circulation coins and 934 771 two euro circulation coins, with Prince the Albert II portrait, will be struck with year 2018 as well. Monaco will not issue a 2018 BU annual set.


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