Commemorative 2 euro coins 2020

Commemorative 2 euro coins 2020

We present you the very first projects of the 2020 commemorative 2 euro coins. This article is set up to inform you about new issues, curiosities and other facts about euro coins. Detailed images and information about €2 coin series. Planed issue of 2 Euro commemorative coins 2020.

This article will be updated regularly



As part of the “Bundesländer” series, the Federal Government has decided to issue a 2 euro “Brandenburg” commemorative coin for the year 2020 (motif: Sanssouci Palace) by the artist Jordi Truxa from Neuenhagen/


2 euros Brandeburg 2020


Pièces 2 euro commémoratives 2020 - Commemorative 2 euro coins 2020


Mintage: 30.000.000 ex


German 2 euro coins 2021, 2022…




Architecture – Mudéjar de Aragón

Mintage: ?




2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty 2020

The Eesti Pank Supervisory Board approved the design for the two-euro commemorative coin dedicated to the centenary of the Tartu Peace Treaty by the graphic designer Ivar Sakk. The design by Ivar Sakk was approved after a public competition to design the coin. This two-euro coin will be put into circulation at the beginning of 2020.

The Tartu Peace Treaty was signed between Estonia and Soviet Russia on 2 February 1920 in Tartu, and it fixed the eastern border of Estonia, bringing an end to the War of Independence.

Ivar Sakk is a designer and design historian working in Tallinn. He graduated in 1986 from the department of industrial art of the Estonian state institute of art. After graduation, he worked as a freelance graphic designer for communications agencies. Ivar Sakk has taught at the Estonian Academy of Arts since 2003.


Pièces 2 euro commémoratives 2020 - Commemorative 2 euro coins 2020

Mintage: ?



200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica – Estonia 2020

The discovery of the continent of Antarctica is of special significance to Estonia as the Baltic German seafarer Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen (1778–1852), a naval officer in the Imperial Russian Navy, was born in Saaremaa. Bellingshausen was appointed the commander of the southern polar expedition, which left the Russian naval base of Kronstadt in the Gulf of Finland, in July 1819. He had charge of two ships, the Vostok and the Mirny. By December 1819, South Georgia was mapped, and discoveries were made in the South Sandwich Islands. Sailing further south in January 1820, Bellingshausen sighted the coast of Antarctica, but did not then realise the magnitude of his discovery.

The design, which will be shown on the national side of the circulation €2 coin, depicts the ship Vostok in which Admiral von Bellingshausen sailed around the world. The €2 commemorative coin for the bicentenary of the discovery of Antarctica is scheduled to enter circulation at the end of January 2020.


Mintage: 750.000 ex




The Cross Hill

Mintage: ?


Lithuanian ethnographic regions – Aukštaitija

Mintage: ?




Bicentenary of the birth of Prince Henry

Mintage: ?


75th anniversary of the United Nations Constitutional Charter

Mintage: ?





20th Anniversary of Slovakia’s accession to the OECD


Mintage: ?


Slovenia 500th anniversary of Adam’s birth Bohorič

Mintage: ?




Sources : Bundesbank – Eesti Pank NUMISMAG©

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