Last 2019 numismatic issues of BELGIUM

Last 2019 numismatic issues of BELGIUM

  • September 24, 2019
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The new magazine issue ‘Muntinfo 79’ (in Dutch) and ‘Monnaie info 79’ (in French) is delivered to BRM customers from 25 September.

The Royal Mint of Belgium unveiled its last 2019 numismatic issues:

  • The Fleur de Coin annual set Belgium 2019 with the theme ‘City of Brussels’
  • The 2.5 euro commemorative coin 2019 ‘400 years of Manneken Pis’ BU in coincard, available in two language versions. On sale from 16 October at 9.00;
  • The 12.5 euro commemorative coin 2019 ’30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall’ in Gold Proof in a luxury cassette. On sale from 9 November at 9.00;
  • The ‘Proofset Belgium 2019’ with all 2019 Belgian euro coins in Proof quality in a wooden case. On sale from November 2019.


 2019 BU coin set


A glittering homage to the capital city of Belgium… and of Europe!

The theme of the Royal Mint of Belgium’s next Fleur de Coin set was therefore an obvious choice; the 2019 edition simply had to focus entirely on our capital city Brussels.

In addition to all eight nominal Belgian values for 2019, the set also contains two exclusive commemorative coins: the €2.5 coin “Grand Départ Brussels” and the €2.5 coin “400 years of Manneken Pis”.

All eight standard Belgian euro coins for 2019 in BU quality, with two additional official 2.5 Belgian euro coins for 2019, ‘Grand Départ Brussels’ and ‘400 years of Manneken Pis’.

For the first time, the FDC annual set has a global face  value of €8.88


Set specifications


Metal: CuNi

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / FDC

Max. mintage: 20,000 sets


2019 PP coin set


Since 2002, the Royal Mint of Belgium has issued an annual ‘Belgium Proof set’ containing all the euro coins in Proof quality (PP). Only 1,500 sets will be produced.




MANNEKENPIS commemorative coin

Brussels’ most famous resident is celebrating his 400th birthday

Manneken Pis, the most famous resident of Brussels, is recognized almost everywhere in the world. This mischievous urinating figure barely 60 cm tall bubbles away as a fountain in the Stoofstraat in Brussels. He attracts millions of tourists to our capital city every year and has already featured in countless holiday snaps. Manneken Pis has a wardrobe of more than 900 decorative outfits and 2019 marks his 400th birthday!

On 16 October, this commemorative coin will be officially presented at the press conference marking 400 years of Manneken Pis in the museum Patriciërshuis in Brussels. The 2.5 euro coin will go on sale on 16 October and can be ordered then and will be available in two language versions (Dutch obverse and French obverse). This 2.5 euro coin is also included in the ‘FDC set Brussels 2019’ along with the 2.5 euro coin ‘Grand Départ Brussels’.

Only 120,000 coins will be struck (including a maximum of 20,000 coins for the FDC set Brussels 2019).

Legal currency in Belgium, this coin will not be put into circulation.


Coin Specifications


Metal: Bras

Weight: 10.50 grams

Diameter: 25.65 mm

Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) / FDC

Designer: Luc Luycx

Max. mintage: 120,000 (including 20,000 pieces for FDC set 2019 Brussels)

On sale from 16 October at 9.00.




2019 peace and freedom gold coin


A golden tribute to peace and freedom – The fall of the Berlin Wall -, on 9th November 1989 marked the start of German reunification and saw Berlin regain its previous status as national capital city. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this significant moment in history, the Royal Mint of Belgium is issuing a splendid miniature 12.5 euro gold coin.


On the obverse is a peace dove escaping through a gap in the Berlin Wall, backed by the Brandenburg Gate, which was for a long time an unattainable goal for many people.


On the reverse is the Belgian Lion as customary for this issue, along with the date, value and country name.


Coin Specifications


Metal: Gold 999/1000

Weight: 1.25 grams

Diameter: 14 mm

Quality: Proof (PP)

Designer: Luc Luycx

Max. mintage: 2,500 coins 


Sources: Monnaie Royale de Belgique and NUMISMAG.


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