2023 slovenian numismatic program

2023 slovenian numismatic program

The Slovenian Central Bank has announced the launch of the monetary competition for three coins to be issued in 2023. Commemorative coins will be issued in 2023 to mark the following events:

– 150th anniversary of the birth of mathematician Josip Plemelj (project 1): 2 euro commemorative coin

The coin will have to bear, according to the specifications indicated by the Slovenian Central Bank, the name of JOSIP PLEMELJ as well as the date 1873 and the yearmark of the coin (2023).

– the 110th anniversary of the birth of the Slovenian writer Boris Pahor (project 2): three coins of €3, €30 and €100 will be dedicated to this subject.

– the national holiday of Slovenian Sports Day (project 3): three coins of €3, €30 and €100 will be dedicated to this topic.

The Commission for Issuing Occasional Coins, established by Banka Slovenije and the Slovenian Ministry of Finance, had planned to issue this coin in 2022, following a monetary competition launched earlier this year. However, it decided not to award the first prize for this project and the one dedicated to JOZE PUCNIK, because of the poor quality of the projects received.

Concerning the piece dedicated to the national holiday of the Slovenian sport day, the competition is relaunched for the year 2023. The project dedicated to the 90th anniversary of JOZE PUCNIK was abandoned.

Here are the drawings of the piece that were not selected in 2022 for the piece dedicated to the Slovenian National Sports Day (2nd and 3rd prize, no first prize was awarded for the reason mentioned below).


2023 slovenian numismatic program

2nd prize in the 2022 competition – National Sports Day – not issued


2023 slovenian numismatic program

3rd prize in the 2022 competition – National Sports Day – not issued


NUMISMAG will keep you informed of the developments of the Slovenian 2023 program as they are published by the Slovenian Central Bank.


Sources: Central Bank of de Slovenia and NUMISMAG

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