2016 £5 banknote Winston Churchill

2016 £5 banknote Winston Churchill

The British press has stessed on top prices on Ebay for several weeks ,obtained by the salesmen of £5 banknotes, on which figures the portrait of Winston CHURCHILL , on the reverse. The infatuation especially goes on the currencies with a AA01” prefix number.

The classification of the new banknote:

This banknote is rather simple to decodecontrary to the euro-banknotes of the Europa seriesfor example. The banknote carries only one code which starts with two letters, followed by two digitsthat is to say a LLNN (L for letter and N for Number) combination. This one represents the number of pulling, the first pulling being AA01. 440 millions of banknotes were printed, according to the Bank of England (BoE). That represents 440 pullings, of a million banknotes each, given that only six digits follow the pulling number in the full code. A pulling goes from 1 to 999,999.

Prices observed on Ebay:

Except some very particular combinationsthe pulling banknotes “AA01″ are the most expected.

For a pulling banknote  “AA01″ with a number lower than 1,000, you can count between 300 and 400

For a banknote of the same pulling with a number ranking between 1,000 and 10,000, you can count between 200 and 300.

For a banknote always of this same pulling with a number ranking between 10,000 and 100,000, you can count between 40 and 80.

Beyond, the prices are not significant and should very quickly approach the facial value (NB: 5,85) and in any case they should not exceed 10 to 20.

Why such a passion? Quite simply because this banknote is the first English polymeric currency. It is printed on plastic and either on paperAlthough one would have rather to say, in the past, fabrics and not paper. This last indeed consisted of cotton fibers. It is thus a historical emission which marks a technological rupture with the English currency printing tradition.


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