2017  german “tropical zone” €5 coin

2017 german “tropical zone” €5 coin

This new serie of 5 coins, of a €5 euros face value, is devoted to earth climatic zones. It follows the minting of the 2016 coin “planet earth”.



This coin comprised a blue polymer ring, symbolizing blue planetThe program “climatic zones” is declined on next several years the following way:

2018 subtropical zone orange color.

2019 temperate zone greencolor.

2020 zone south pole turquoise color.

2021 zone north pole color violet.






The weight of the coin is about 9g, it is made of cupronickel and has a red polymer ring. It has a diameter of 27,25mm. It was struck in both qualities BU and proof. The five German workshops struck this coin (minted with workshop letters A D F G J).  2,300,000 coins, maximum,  will be struck, 300 000 proof coins for collectors included.  The artist Stéphanie RADTKE chose to represent a parrot, to symbolize the biological diversity of the tropical zones and the tropical forest which marks by its perpetual moisture

Stephanie RADTKE (picture: Munzenmagazin)

The coin is available since April 27th 2017, but Vfs indicates that the proof version is already out of stock.

Source: VfS.- photo: H.J. Fuchs – copyright© BADV – creation : Stefanie Radtke, Leipzig – Box & photo: Koziol 

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