New fiver put BoE in difficult situation

New fiver put BoE in difficult situation

The Bank of England (BoE) is put in a difficult situation by its new 5 pounds banknotes, introduced into circulation in 2016. This banknote, on which is represented a portrait of  Sir Winston CHURCHILL on the reverse, knew a beginning of rejection by the population for religious and non-religious reasonsIndeed, these banknotes contain animal greases. The vegans and certain religious leaders had thus required the replacement of animal grease  by another substance, synthesis or vegetable.

BoE had thought of using palm oil. This time, the ecologists get upset because, according to them, the industrial production of palm oil endangers the tropical forests of  southwest Asia.
BoE confirms the maintenance of this first banknote of its polymeric currency new range. But BoE will have to reexamine its work.

Source: Financial Times.

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