what worth zero euro souvenir banknotes collection?

what worth zero euro souvenir banknotes collection?

  • September 07, 2018
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What worth the collection of zero euro banknotes launched by Richard FAILLE and which are the most rare (and therefore the most expensive) banknotes in this collection?

This is a question that is often asked by numismatists or tourists who have purchased one or more banknotes from this collection and who wonder what a note with a “face value” of zero euros may worth.

Even if this collection is young, some trends are emerging and several rare banknotes are already seeking  by collectors all over the world.

A little bit of history….

The first note to have fared well in the game is an error banknote, the SARLAT 2015 banknote, known in collector’s jargon as the “6 SARLAT geese”. Indeed, the model wanted by the customer had to include the drawing of three geese. However, the first delivery that was made to this touristic  site contained banknotes showing 6 geese. Not in conformity with the note on the “good for printing”, the customer returned his order to the banknote printer, with the exception of the first bundle of 1000 notes, which had been opened and could therefore not be returned to furnisher.

SARLAT 6 geese error banknote – “Rives d’Argenteuil” collection

SARLAT 3 geese banknote – the forecast issue (normal banknote) – “Rives d’Argenteuil” collection

These error banknotes were then sold by the touristic site at a price of €5 each.

Today, this banknote costs between €170 and €190. The GRABOWSBY catalog quotes it at €180. We have made a price survey on ebay and this banknote is sold between 140 and 190€. At the time of writing, a banknote is available for €170 on ebay.fr.

A collection also marked by a tragic event in 2015…

But it is not the sole rare zero euro banknote with a specific history in this collection.  In 2015, MARINELAND park had also issued a euro souvenir banknote. It was offered to the public through vending machine dedicated to these banknotes, which collectors know well now.

In October 2015, a flood devastated the amusement park and the vending machine was not spared. No one knows the exact number of banknotes that had been sold before the disaster, but the entire draw was not sold when the disaster occurred.

This rare banknote is sold between €52 and €55 during the last two sales recorded on Ebay France.

2015 MARINELAND zero euro banknote – “Rives d’Argenteuil” collection

More classic banknotes with a high rib…

The Arc de triomphe 2015 banknote is one of the “must have” of the collection. It is one of the first banknotes of the collection, and also one of the rarest. It was released before the 2015 summer. Many bankntes were most likely purchased by foreign tourists. As a result, the number of banknotes remaining on the french market is low and highly sought-after.

2015 zero euro banknote Triomph Arch – “Rives d’Argenteuil” collection

On ebay France, four sales took place between 11/07/2018 and 09/08/2018 at a price between €179 and €200.

German tourist tickets that are not to be missed…

If you have the opportunity to visit Germany and to visit a site that sells a tourist banknote, feel free to buy it.

Indeed, the market for traditional banknote collectors is much more developed in Germany than in France. German banknotes lovers have largely subscribed to this new collection.

The first issues of german tourist banknotes marketed from 2016 onwards have for some a rating that exceeds the €50 threshold. The record, however, is held by the banknote for the DUISBOURG stadium, which is quoted between €800 and €900.

The 2016 DUISBURG MSV zero euro banknote

A banknote was sold in a private sale for more than €1,000 in July 2018.

The rarity of this banknote is due to the fact that it was offered, with a €30 voucher for the club’s shop by the team’s sponsor, an energy supplier, in return for signing an electricity subscription contract. It is one of the most difficult banknotes to obtain, at the moment.


The note commemorating the Hercules ‘s statue in the castle of KASSEL  park is sold in July and August 2018 between €65 and €75. Two sales were even concluded at 80€ on 31/07/2018 and 27/08/2018.

2016 KASSEL ‘s HERCULES zero euro banknote

The WARTBURG banknote, first issue (2016-1) is sold between €30 and €40, with a sale at €50 on 12/08/2018.

More modest, the Duisburg zoo banknote  is sold between €25 and €35 on this same site.

Chinese tourist banknotes, the next collection Eldorado?

This part of the collection is very recent. Most of these banknotes were issued in 2018.

Many of these banknotes are on sale at a price of €20 on ebay.DE website.

The question is whether tourists and Chinese collectors are adopting this collection. Indeed, China counts over 25 millions of collectors. Many of these collectors are banknotes lovers.

In addition, the Chinese do collect in large numbers the “Hell Banknotes”, fake banknotes that are burned during festivities to call to celebrate a deceased person. The concept of the zero euro banknote is similar to it in that it commemorates a journey, a site (and not a person).

These two findings may suggest that this part of the collection has a bright future.

The value of a complete collection

The 2015 collection is worth between €500 and €600 with the “SARLAT 6 geese” error banknote.

The 2016 collection is worth a little more, especially if it contains the DUISBOURG football club banknote. With this banknote, the collection can be sold for about €1,200. Without this ticket, it will be necessary to count on a selling price between €600 and €750 considering the presence of the other 2016 german banknotes, including the first draws.

If you are looking for more zero euro banknotes quotations, you can refer to 2018 GRABOWSKI catalog.

New  2018 GRABOWSKI zero euro banknotes catalog


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