10 and 50 rupees 1968 from Seychelles: Scum and sex banknotes!

10 and 50 rupees 1968 from Seychelles: Scum and sex banknotes!

Hidden among the corals on the left side of the 10 rupee banknote issued in 1968 by Seychelles, the word “SCUM” was added to the design by an engraver of the British printer who made the banknotes.

The public initially thought it was an accident, but the 50 rupee banknote from the same series, issued in 1968, featured the word “SEX” in the palm leaves, in the background of Queen Elizabeth II portrait.



However, the identity of the responsible person remains a mystery to this day, even if some experts have named Brian FOX, engraver at that time at the printer BRADBURY and WILKINSON, in charge with these banknotes printing.

As for the reason, this banknote was issued when the archipelago had shown its first signs of independence will. Maybe we shouldn’t look elsewhere for the reason for these hidden messages….

These tickets have become very popular with collectors.

The current price record for this banknote is £660 (€733 at the rate in effect on 22/12/2018) during an auction dedicated to banknotes in England.

These banknotes are usually sold on the numismatic market between 200 and 300 pounds (i.e. between €222 and €333) in UNC condition.

Sources: Telegraph, British Museum and NUMISMAG.

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