2019 belgian numismatic program

2019 belgian numismatic program

The Royal Belgian Mint (RBM) will participate in the Berlin WORLD MONEY FAIR from February 1st, 2019, to February 3rd, 2019.

We already know that two 2019 collectors will be for sale during the BERLIN coin show.

2€ commemorative 2019 dedicated to the Flemish painter BRUEGEL, the old one:

2019 Belgian €2 commemorative coin BRUEGELS, flemish painter

2019 €2 coincard BRUEGEL

proof commemorative €2 coin BRUEGEL

Mintage: 155 000 coins in BU condition and 5 000 proof coins

The first commemorative coin 2019 will be dedicated to the Flemish painter BRUEGEL the old one, the most famous artist of the ANTWERP school. He painted many scenes of Belgian peasants life in the 16th century such as weddings, village’s festivals… His work links the end of the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.


Limited edition BU coinset dedicated to the BERLIN 2019 WMF:

Belgium will issue, like the Netherlands, a coinset in BU condition to celebrate  the BERLIN Fair. This first 2019 limited edition coin set will be dedicated to Belgian chocolate. RMB struck 500 copies, at a price of €25.

The RMB (Royal Belgian Mint) plans to mint a set in 2020 and 2021 to commemorate “french” fries and belgian beer.

Mrs Ingrid VAN HERZELE, Belgian mintmaster, will be at the Berlin WMF and will sign this first Belgian limited edition coin set.

Misses Ingrid Van HERZELE, belgian Mintmaster

The European Union published the official announcement of the second belgian 2019 commemorative €2 coin on 12/28/2018.

This second coin commemorates the 25th anniversary of the European Monetary Institute.
The European Monetary Institute was created by the Maastricht Treaty to manage the second phase of Economic and Monetary Union.
The Institute shall be granted the right to “formulate opinions or recommendations” on the general orientation of monetary and exchange rate policy and on the related measures taken in each Member State. 

In the central part of the coin, the portrait of Alexandre Lamfalussy is represented as the first President of the EMI.

Mintage: 155 000 coins in UNC condition + 5 000 proof coins

KNM (dutch mint) strike and market both belgian circulating and commemorative coins, since 2018.

The belgian mint announced other numismatic issues with 2019 year mark:

10€ 450 years since Pieter Bruegels’ death – Ag 925/1000 – 5 000 coins

50€ 450 years since Pieter Bruegels’ death – AU 999/1000 – 1 000 coins

Prestige coin set with all 3 coins dedicated to BRUEGEL – Minatage 250 coinsets

5€ 90th anniversary of Tintin – cupronickel – 12 500 coins

2.5€ 250 years of the Manneken Pis – 120 000 coins

25€ 90th anniversary of Audrey Hepburn – At 999/1000 – 1 000 coins

5€ 75 years of June 6, 1944 Landing – cupronickel – 12 500 coins

2.5€ big departure of the “Tour de France” in Brussels – bronze – 120 000 coins

10€ 100th anniversary Briek SCHOTTE – AG 925/1000 – 3 000 coins

50 years first step of man on the moon – AG 925/1000 – 5 000 coins

Annual set FDC – City of Brussels – 20 000 coin sets              

Annual proof  set – 1 500 coin sets

12,5€ Fall of the Berlin Wall – AU 999/1000 – 2 500 coins

We will update this article as soon as the belgian mint will communicate about these official strikes.

Source: MRB and NUMISMAG.

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