2019 VATICAN numismatic program

2019 VATICAN numismatic program

During the BERLIN World Money Fair 2019, NUMISMAG was able to meet the representative of the Vatican’s Numismatic and Philatelic Office and to discuss with him the various coins issues planned for 2019 in Vatican State.

2019 Vatican coin sets

In 2019, the Vatican will issue a BU set (65,000  sets) and a proof set in two different versions, one with a €20 silver coin and the other with a €50 gold coin.

2019 VATICAN numismatic program

2019 VATICAN BU set

2019 VATICAN numismatic program

2019 VATICAN proof set, version “A” –  with silver coin

2019 VATICAN numismatic program

2019 VATICAN proof set, version “B” with gold coin


2019 Coincard

A coincard containing a 50-cent coin 2019 will also be issued in 2019.

Mintage: 60,000 coincards

€5 coin Youth Day in PANAMA

A €5 coin will be issued only as a coincidence and will be dedicated to Youth Day in PANAMA


2€ commemorative coins

Two commemorative €2 coins will also be minted in 2019.

  • A first piece dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Vatican State
  • A second piece dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the end of the renovation work on the Sistine Chapel in Rome

These two coins are minted in BU condition with a mintage of 70,000 coins each.


These coins are minted by the Italian Mint (ZECCA). However, the representative of the Vatican numismatic office whom we interviewed at the World Money Fair told us that the Vatican could now have its non-circulating commemorative coins and circulation coins minted by the Mint of its choice. He is no longer required to make them strike by the Italian ZECCA.


Finally, he specified that no coins would be minted in 2019 for circulation. However, the Vatican is expected to release about 1,000,000 50cent coins in 2019 with 2018 year mark. Last year, the Vatican monetary authorities had already introduced the same quantity of 50 cents  coins, with 2018 year mark, into circulation.

Collectors’ coins announced


  • €5 coin – Mintage: 4 500 coins
  • €10 coin – Mintage: 4 500 coins
  • €10 silver  and gold plated coin – 1 500 coins struck
  • A set of two coins, €20 and €50 coins – dedicated to the Jerusalem meeting of the Apostles

Mintage: 1 500 coins

  • 100€ or dedicated to the anniversary of the VATICAN II Council – Mintage: 499 coins
  • 200€ or dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael – Mintage: 799 coins


Sources: UFN of VATICAN and NUMISMAG©.

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