2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands

2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands

The Netherlands has unveiled its 2022 numismatic program. Here are the main collectors that will be issued in 2022. As usual for many years, the Netherlands will issue two commemorative coins in 2022, one dedicated to Piet MONDRIAN and the other one to Maastricht Treaty.


Annual coin set “The Netherlands” 2022 in BU quality


  • New series of Annuals Sets dedicated to the elements – it starts with “Earth”
  • Includes all eight euro coins of 2022 in shining BU quality
  • First Dutch euro coins with the new privy mark
  • Only 11,500 sets available

2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands



50 Years of “Loeki de Leeuw” in Coincard


  • Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved lion!
  • Including a Dutch 50 euro cents 2022 in BU quality
  • In collaboration with Loeki creator Geesink Studio


2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands


2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands

2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands


5 Euro Coin – Maastricht Treaty 

On 7 February 2022 it will be exactly thirty years since the Maastricht Treaty was signed. The treaty is one of the most important in the founding of the European Union: it converted the European Community into the European Union (EU) and laid the foundation for Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). In honour of the anniversary, the Royal Dutch Mint strikes a commemorative coin: the Maastricht Treaty 5 Euro Coin.

The issuance of a commemorative coin on the 30th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty was decided in response to a joint request from the King’s Commissioner in the Province of Limburg, the Mayor of Maastricht and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Maastricht.

The Treaty of Maastricht created the European Union in 1992. This also meant the introduction of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

State Secretary of Finance Vijlbrief: “The Maastricht Treaty is also very important to me. In 1992 I started working for the government. I was immediately closely involved with the euro, because as a brand new policymaker in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, I worked in the team that prepared for it. The treaty was the basis for the introduction of the euro and the strengthening of the European Union. As is well known, these issues have also played a major role in my subsequent career. When the idea came up to mint this coin, I was immediately very enthusiastic.”


Issuing date: February 2022


€2 commemorative coin – ERASMUS PROGRAM

After a long time, the Royal Dutch Mint is minting an official 2 euro commemorative coin again!.

The coin is dedicated to the ERASMUS exchange program, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. In 1987, the ERASMUS program was established by the European Union to promote exchanges among European students and teachers. The program has already given millions of students in Europe the opportunity to go on exchange.

For the Dutch version of this coin, the country code “NL” will be engraved in the heart of the coin. As the mint that will strike the coin has not yet been chosen, two blank cartridges appear on the coin at 6 o’ clock. The first one will be replaced by the mintmark of the national mint that will be chosen to strike this coin and the second one will be reserved for the engraver in chief mark of the concerned mint.

Finally, in the lower right quarter of the coin, three inscriptions will be engraved:

  • The dates “1987-2022”, which are the anniversary dates of the ERASMUS program.
  • The name ERSAMUS
  • “Programma” for program

The signature of the engraver in chief of the Monnaie de Paris, as creator of the common design,  will appear under the pen of ERASMUS, with the two initials “J.J.” for Joaquin JIMENEZ.

2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands

The announced mintages are as follows:

  • coins for circulation: 500,000 coins
  • UNC coins for collectors: 50 000 coins
  • BU and/or proof quality coins: 20,000 coins


NB: the new mintmaster privy mark is known as the raven mark. The €2 commemorative coin ERASMUS PROGRAM will bear this new mark.


2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands
The Raven – new privy mark of KNM’s mintmaster


5 euro coin  –  Piet MONDRIAAN

In addition to the Maastricht Treaty, artist Piet Mondriaan will be honoured on a commemorative coin, 150 years after he was born. With his quest for harmony and “absolute” beauty through compositions of primary colours, horizontal and vertical lines and even areas of colour, Mondriaan has become a pioneer in abstract art. The Piet Mondriaan 5 Euro Coin will be available in September.


2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands


In 2022, it will be 150 years since the artist Piet Mondrian was born. This anniversary will be the next theme of a special collector’s item. This was decided by State Secretary of Finance Hans Vijlbrief. The 30 years of the Maastricht Treaty had already been announced as the other monetary theme for 2022.

State Secretary Vijlbrief: “With this coin, we honor one of the greatest Dutch painters of all time, a pioneer of abstract art.”

2022 numismatic program from the Netherlands

Dutch State Secretary Vijlbrief


Sources: KNM (dutch Mint) and NUMISMAG.


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