Euro banknotes: End of panic at Lithuanian ATMs

Euro banknotes: End of panic at Lithuanian ATMs

As the Bank of Lithuania and cash-in-transit companies work to increase capacity, the supply and distribution of euro cash (banknotes) throughout the country is proceeding smoothly and quickly, according to the Governor of the Bank of Lithuania.

Across the country’s ATM network, about 3.7 percent of ATMs are empty and waiting to be replenished.

This is almost no more than the usual indicator. So the situation has returned to normal after two days of strong demand for liquidity. This sudden change is related to the latest events between Russia and Ukraine.

The population of the Baltic countries fears a deterioration of relations between their countries and Russia.

However, the Bank of Lithuania appeals to the population to calm down and to take into consideration only the information coming from serious media.


Euro banknotes: End of panic at Lithuanian ATMs


Sources: Bank of Lithuania and NUMISMAG

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