2023 Austrian numismatic program

2023 Austrian numismatic program

The austrian mint unveiled recently several visuals of first 2023 austrian coin collectors. The mint will strike two commemorative coins dedicated to the pig and will issue two coin sets. the first one is the annual coin set and the second one is dedicated to babies born in 2023.


2023 Austrian numismatic program

2023 Annual coin set


2023 Austrian numismatic program

2023 baby coin set


The New Year coin 2023 features a lucky pig because this likeable and intelligent animal has long been a symbol of good luck in Austria. For many, the turn of the year means the transformation of fear and uncertainty into hope, not least when times are hard.

Since time immemorial it has been customary to wish good luck and abundance at New Year. The pig is the most popular symbol of luck in Austria, not because the animal itself is considered lucky but because it was long a symbol of plenty that could sustain an entire family for a considerable amount of time.

The popular Austrian expression ‘Schwein gehabt’ (literally ‘had pig’), meaning to be fortunate in one’s misfortune, is said to have been coined in the 16th century during times when people did not have enough to eat. The lucky ones were those who had at least one pig. But they did not rest on their laurels. They managed their resources responsibly and sustainably by transforming every edible part of their slaughtered pig into different types of cured meat so that it would last them through the year.

The obverse of the nine-sided coin shows the coats of arms of all nine of the provinces of Austria.

The coin’s reverse features the head of a pig, its snout slightly raised above a crop of lucky four-leafed clovers.


2023 Austrian numismatic program


Coin specifications


Face value: €5
Date of Issue 30 November 2022
Design: Herbert Wähner and Helmut Andexlinger
Diameter: 28.5 mm

Coin for collectors

Quality Special Uncirculated
Mintage 50.000
Alloy Silver Ag 925
Fine Weight 1/4 oz (7.78 g)
Total Weight 8.41 g
Edge Plain


2023 Austrian numismatic program


Coin for circulation

Quality: UNC
Mintage: 200.000 coins
Alloy: Copper (Cu 999)
Weight: 8.90 g
Edge: Milled


2023 Austrian numismatic program


Sources: Austrian Mint and Numismag

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