2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet

2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet

On October 25, Eesti Pank issued a gold collector coin to mark the 600th anniversary of the first meeting of the Livonian Diet (Parliament). The coin symbolizes above all the will for regional cooperation for the common good. The representatives of the most important social groups in Livonia met in a conference in 1422 and decided to hold regular meetings in a council or a diet. Diet meetings were held to increase unity and thus improve the security of the region, to sign agreements and to discuss commercial and financial matters. The Diet has played an important role in the political life of the whole region of present-day Estonia and Latvia for almost a century and a half.

The gold coin dedicated to the Livonian Diet was designed by Riho Luuse, who has already designed other collector coins for Eesti Pank.


2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet

The designer Riho LUUSE (right), during the coin presentation, 

congratulated by Madis MULLER, governor of Eesti Pank


Coin specifications



On this side of the coin is depicted a cross decorated with plant leaves, using an idea from a sculpture above the door of the southern vestibule of the Karja Church in North Saaremaa, built in 1334-1340.

The design symbolizes the unified growth and spread of Christianity in the Middle Ages. The coin also shows the year 1422 and the words “Liivimaa maapäev”, which are Estonian for the Diet of Livonia.


2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet



It shows the coat of arms of the Republic of Estonia and the yearmark, 2022.


2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet


Material : gold 999/1000

Quality : Proof

Weight :3,11g

Diameter : 18 mm

Mintage : 3 000 coins

Face value : €25

Price (retail) : €250

Mint: INCM (Mint of Portugal)


2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet


The marketing of the coin stopped on 10/28/2022


The Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia, the Estonian central bank) has stopped sales of the gold coin “Livonian Diet” via the online store and via the museum store of the central bank. A production error has been identified. Stains appear on the coin over time.

Eesti Pank apologizes to anyone who has ever purchased a gold coin and confirmed that anyone who has purchased a defective coin can either get a refund or exchange the coin for a high-quality replacement.

Rait Roosvele, head of the treasury and infrastructure department at Eesti Pank, said:

“We make every effort to issue high-quality replacement parts to all buyers. They can also request a refund if they prefer. We are very sorry that such a production error occurred and we apologize to everyone who has already purchased one of the gold coins.”

He stressed that someone who would like a refund or replacement of the part should not open the plastic packaging cap. This could easily damage the surface of the part.

An inspection of a sample of the parts revealed that it contained some of the parts that had been rejected during the manufacturing process. All parts must undergo a complete quality control. In most cases, the defect cannot be identified with the naked eye and can only be seen with a microscope or magnifying glass.

Eesti Pank works with the Portuguese mint (INCM) that minted the coins to establish the cause of the manufacturing defect.

The central bank is also working to produce new, high-quality gold coins as replacements as soon as possible.

The coins minted by the Portuguese Mint reached Eesti Pank in June, after undergoing a quality control at INCM. Eesti Pank performed another thorough quality control upon receipt of the coins with a magnifying glass and microscope examination. No stains were found during the quality control in June.


Advice from Eesti Pank for its customers:

Regarding the coins purchased through the Omniva online store, all buyers will be contacted by email with detailed information about their order. This email should arrive in the next few days once the central bank has received more information from the coin. The email will be sent to all buyers, whether or not they have already received their coin. In any case, they will be able to cancel their purchase or receive a new high quality coin instead.

Regarding the coins purchased in the Eesti Pank museum store, the central bank asks all buyers to return their coins to the museum store for quality control. After that, buyers can decide to cancel their purchase and receive a refund, or have their defective coin exchanged for a new one.


2022 estonian gold coin: 600th anniversary of livonian Diet


Sources: Eesti Pank and NUMISMAG

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