2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

The 2019 south-african minting program is a global market oriented program that will interest both avid numismatists and keen investors. The promising line up of products includes a coin series celebrating the country’s young democracy, and a completely new series called “Big Five” featuring wildlife synonymous to the Southern African region amongst new themes on existing series of coins.

The SA Mint will join South Africans in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the country’s democracy. “It is important that all South Africans participate in and contribute to crafting of this coin, as it is a celebration of our collective identity and pride,” says Tumi Tsehlo, MD, South African Mint.


Tumi Tsehlo CV

Mr M T (Tumi) Tsehlo (43) holds a BSc (Electromechanical Engineering) and an MBA from the University of Cape Town, as well as an MSc (Industrial Engineering) from Wits University. He was appointed as Managing Director (MD) of the Mint in December 2012, a position he currently holds. He was the General Manager: Circulation Coins from 2007 until his appointment as MD. He also sits on the Boards of the South African Bank Note Company (RF) Proprietary Limited (SABN) and Fabchem Mining (Pty) Ltd. Prior to joining the Mint he worked in various manufacturing roles at South African Breweries. He completed his engineering training with Rotek Engineering where he held the position of Works Engineer.

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

Tumi Tsehlo, CEO of South African Mint


Tumi TSEHLO added “The coin will preserve for posterity the jubilations that followed the arduous journey from an apartheid state to an active democracy. The SA Mint is proud to offer South Africans and Afrophiles a unique way to cherish these memories through the joy of collecting our new coin.”

Featuring for the first time on SA Mint’s coins will be Southern Africa’s most dangerous wild animals, the Big 5 – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhinoceros & Cape Buffalo squarely putting the wild in the hands of collectors.

The Big Five debuted on the banknotes in 1990, though this is the first time they will make an appearance on the coins.


2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!The “Big Five” are central to South Africa’s tourism industry which in turn is a significant contributor to both employment and GDP. According to forecasts by The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) the sector is expected to contribute some R424 billion to the overall economy in 2018. While tourists are spoiled for choice in Southern Africa, big game viewing is a “most in demand” tourist activity.


2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!


“While pictures speak a 1000 words, a gift of a coin to yourself and loved ones will last more than just a lifetime,” adds Tsehlo.

The SA Mint’s stunning five-coin Palaeontology Collection which was launched last year as part of the Natura Series featuring the ‘Archosauria’, will unearth the “Hominids” in 2019. Hominids are a biological group or family that includes humans and human-like animals like gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans.

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

2019 Gold R100 Australopithecus

The oldest fossils of hominids are between 3.3 and 2 million years old and were discovered at the Sterkfontein Valley landscape, which is in both western Gauteng and the North West Province. This place is also called the Cradle of Humankind as thousands of fossils that show human evolution over the past 3.5 million years have been found here since the mid-1930s.

The tradition of honouring South African innovations and innovators continues on the Crown and Tickey series which will see George Pratley’s 1948 invention, the Polymer Putty being featured in 2019. The putty used in several space probes and missions holds a special place in South African history and its humble beginnings can be traced back to a garage in Hillbrow.

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!Tsehlo believes the series has educational value. “The very nature of this series provides an opportunity for all of us to better acquaint ourselves with contributions made by South Africans on the global scene and should be a matter of national pride,” he said.

The success of the silver Krugerrand which was introduced for the first time in 2018 has prompted the South African Mint and Rand Refinery to announce its availability in 2019 as well. The silver Krugerrand features the same iconic design as its golden contemporary.


2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

2019 South Africa minting program: Big five on coins!

The coin, only available in one ounce is made from silver with a purity of over 99.9% with its price pegged to the daily price based on the silver price and the Rand/USD exchange rate.


Sources: South African Mint and NUMISMAG©.



  1. Marc L Berman

    27th Jul 2019 - 16 h 14 min

    I’m interested in collecting the big five one once gold series. What is the availability of the Elephants and which others of the five are now available?

  2. Eduardo Lopez

    6th Aug 2019 - 19 h 40 min

    Hello, everybody.
    I very interesting to buy the Big Five.
    I live in Mexico City.
    How can I get the coins?
    Best regards

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