2020 annual austrian numismatic program

2020 annual austrian numismatic program

The Austrian Mint  announced today its numismatic program for 2020.

It even gave some details about the 2021 BU and PROOF annual sets.

This one remains classic compared to those of recent years.

This article will be regularly updated as official communications from the Austrian Mint progress, including the unveiling of the various visuals of numismatic issues.

The Director of Communication of the Austrian Mint told in BERLIN, during the 2019 WORLD MONEY FAIR, that the mint was now publishing the visuals of its numismatic issues more and more late in order to limit the risks of parasitism from competitors, particularly from the private sector.






2020 BU and Proof annual coin sets – “Never forget”


In 2020, the world celebrates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps and the end of the Second World War in 1945.

During the Holocaust millions of our fellow citizens were persecuted, abducted and murdered for racist and anti-Semitic reasons.

The cover of the Official Austrian Euro Coin Set 2020 shows the granite “Stairs of Death” at Mauthausen concentration camp, a chilling reminder of the systematic, state-organised massacre of the Jews, which employed industrial methods in an attempt to exterminate the entire Jewish people.


Sets specifications


sets of 8 circulation face values ( 1 cent to €2 coin – no commemorative coin)

Proof annual set mintage: 10 000 sets

BU annual set mintage:    – –  sets


2020 annual BU set 



2020 annual proof set


€5 150 years of Music association


Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the opening of Vienna’s legendary Musikverein concert hall in 1870, the New Year coin 2020 features the Greek god, Apollo. The image of the god of music and dance is taken from a frieze, designed by August Eisenmenger (1830-1907), found on the ceiling of the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, the spiritual home of classical music in the Austrian capital. 

 Considered one of the finest concert halls in the world, the Musikverein was designed by Danish architect Theophil Hansen in the Neoclassical style of an ancient Greek temple. The building was inaugurated on 6 January 1870, when the first night audience was captivated by the combination of its architectural and acoustic beauty. However, the legendary sound of the Golden Hall is not the product of scientific precision but of fortuitous happenstance, as Hansen had to rely on his intuition rather than on studies of architectural acoustics. Fortunately, the wonderful architecture resulted in sublime sound.

 In Eisenmenger’s frieze, the youthful Apollo floats above the audience, no doubt buoyed by all the beauty he has witnessed over the past century and a half. The coin motif shows him, lyre in hand, a toga covering his lower body. In the background, the famous organ of the Golden Hall can be seen.



2020 – €5 silver coin 

Coin specifications


Diameter: 28.5 mm

Material:  1/4 ounce of fine silver

Silver fineness: 925/1000

Condition: UNC quality

Mintage: 50 000 coins


NB: An additional 200,000 of these 5 Euro coins will be issued in copper uncirculated quality.


2020 – €5 copper coin 


100th Anniversary of Salzburg Festival


To celebrate this major cultural event, which is constantly in the process of reinventing itself and this unique centenary coin, Austrian Mint has come up with a particularly innovative coin design.

The coin’s obverse has the appearance of a plate with a flat inner part. This type of coin has never been minted before by the Austrian Mint.


 Coin specifications:


Mintage: 30 000 coins

Condition: Proof

Material: Silver

Fineness: 925/1000




The 5 Euro Easter coin 2020 “Friends for Life”


The coin will be issued on March 11th 2020.

The most iconic of all European horse breeds is the Lipizzaner, made world famous through its connection with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Originally from Slovenia, the Lipizzaner has been bred since 1920 at the stud farm at Piber in the Austrian province of Styria, where some 40 foals come into the world every year. Within minutes of their birth, new-born foals can stand and, though initially unsteady, are soon galloping joyfully across the alpine meadows.



The coin features a foal in the foreground ­ frolicking happily through a meadow while its mother keeps a watchful eye close behind. The lower part of the coin is decorated with an assortment of spring flowers. The nine-sided coin’s obverse shows the coats of arms of the nine federal provinces of Austria.



 Coin specifications

Diameter: 28,35mm

weight: 1/4 once

Fineness: 925/1000

Mintage: 50 000 coins


NB: An additional 200,000 of these 5 Euro coins will be issued in copper uncirculated quality.



€5 Horses in UNC condition – 200 000 coins will be issued


25 Euro Niobium coin “Big Data”


Our lives are digitised to such an extent that it is both virtually impossible to remember how we ever managed during our previous analogue existence and to imagine a world in which hand-held devices do not exist.

The internet creates infinite possibilities and gives instant explanations by placing the world at our fingertips, so that it is now possible to embark on a borderless journey without actually getting off the sofa.



The obverse of Big Data coin features a human eye that represents surveillance on the one hand and the biometric method of iris recognition on the other, while the silver outer ring is designed like a camera lens. Iris recognition means that we can all be recognised unequivocally.

 The reverse of the coin shows people under surveillance, which is recognisable from the 20:20 running time on the left edge of the outer silver ring. In the foreground of the niobium core, one of a number of human silhouettes is peppered with squares that symbolise the personal data collected about that person.


 Coin specifications:

Mintage: 65 000 coins

Condition: BU

Weight of the silver ring: 9g

Silver Fineness: 900/1000

coin core: Nobium

Core fineness: 998/1000

Weight of the nobium core: 6.5g


Alpine Treasures


Alpine Treasures is a new three-coin gold series that both highlights the rare species of plants and animals native to the Austrian Alps and shows off the multifaceted nature of the country’s spectacular mountain landscape.

The series starts at the very top in the form of High Peaks, which provides a golden glimpse of the monumental peaks of the Hohe Tauern National Park, including the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain (3,798 metres).

One of the most spectacular high mountain landscapes on the planet, the Hohe Tauern is home to 300 peaks above 3,000 metres in altitude. Austria’s first ever national park, covering an area of 1,800 km2 where the provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia converge at the central ridge of the Austrian Alps, the Hohe Tauern is also the largest national park in central Europe.



More than a third of all plant species recorded in Austria can be found in the Hohe Tauern, including half of all mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Among the park’s 3,500 plant species is a botanical rarity in the Eastern Alps, the endemic Alpenbreitschötchen, a member of the family of cruciferous vegetables. The special protection area on the Grossglockner is one of the few locations where the plant can be found in Austria. The coin’s obverse features different images of the Alpenbreitschötchen above the plant’s Latin name, Braya alpina. Once a rarity itself, after almost disappearing in the 19th century, the golden eagle has also found a safe haven in the Hohe Tauern. The coin’s reverse shows a view of the national park in which a golden eagle can be seen soaring in front of the majestic Grossglockner. There is no more fitting a creature to feature on the first of three gold coins celebrating the alpine treasures of Austria.

The coin is struck in 986 fine gold in proof quality to a maximum mintage of 20,000 .

The gold content of this gold coin is a ¼ ounce.





2020 Supersaurs Series


At 17 metres in length the “Mosasaurus hoffmanni” was the largest marine dinosaur. As such, Mosasaurus is the perfect way to continue our superlative 12-coin Supersaurs series, which brings prehistoric giants back to life in the shape of 12 superb glow-in-the-dark coins. Each one of the 12 prehistoric beasts featured in the series possessed an exceptional quality, such as the most sophisticated hunting skills, the longest claws or the most powerful bite, to name but a few.



Coin Specifications:

Face Value:  €3

Diameter 34 mm

Material: Copper alloy

Weight 16 g

Mintage 65,000 coins


2020 Mausasaurus coin with glow in the dark effect



Sources: Austrian Mint and NUMISMAG.

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