2022 slovenian numismatic program

2022 slovenian numismatic program

The Central Bank of Slovenia has announced the winning projects of three tenders it had launched under the 2022 program. This article will be completed over time according to the information provided by the Central Bank of Slovenia.

Regarding the subject of the €2 coin, the winning design is by Andrej Žerovnik, commemorating 150 years of architect Jože Plečnik.

Please note that This year Banka Slovenije is also introducing a major new feature – the option of online ordering of all numismatic products for all individuals and companies. In this way it want to expand the scope of access to numismatic products and offer the same purchasing options for all interested parties, while also reducing the lines at the counters on the issuing of special coins. For the latest issue of commemorative coins, orders can be placed on an online form, starting today.


€2 commemorating 150th anniversary

of the architect Jože Plečnik


Selected project of €2 2022 – Andrej Žerovnik

The main motif of the commemorative coin marking the 150th anniversary of the birth of architect Jože Plečnik is the large reading room window in the National and University Library in Ljubljana, with a column in front of it.

The composition of signs A R H. P L E Č N I K is built into the window space and is a metaphor for the architect’s signature. The design was created by Andrej Žerovnik.

The following quantities of commemorative coins will be available:

  • 991,000 coins of ordinary UNC quality (in paper rolls)
  • 2,500 coins in proof quality, packed separately in plastic capsules



2022 slovenian numismatic program


2022 slovenian numismatic program




Project n°2 – Gregor Ivanušič (not issued)


2022 slovenian numismatic program


Project n°3 (not issued) – Danela Vidmar Podboj and Tomaž Podboj


2022 slovenian numismatic program


€2 commemorating 35th anniversary


Legends: SLOVENIJA / 1987-2022 / PROGRAM ERASMUS / J.J.
(initials of the author Joaquin Jimenez)
Edge lettering: SLOVENIJA, followed by an engraved dot
Circulation coins (UNC): 1 000 000 coins
Issuing date: 07/01/2022
2022 slovenian numismatic program
Il semble que la signature J.J. (JOAQUIN JIMENEZ) n’apparaisse pas sur ce visuel. Il s’agit probablement d’une erreur qui sera rectifiée avant la frappe de la pièce.
2022 slovenian numismatic program

2022 slovenian numismatic program


150th anniversary of the birth of the painter Matija Jama


Matija Jama is a Slovenian painter who, along with Grohar, Jakopič and Sternen, is considered to be among the Slovenian impressionist painters. He first studied painting in Munich and then continued his studies there at the university. The Slovenian Central Bank had issued a tender for a €3, €30 and €100 gold coin.

The central motif of the collector coins comprises three young birch trunks. They represent the young man, artist, painter, setting out on his independent creative path. His brush strokes create the basis for a dynamic background of gentle relief, which recalls the surface of impressionist paintings, and portray the nomadic life of the painter. The artwork for the coins was designed by Matej Štanta.

The following quantities of collector coins will be available:

  • 750 gold coins (face value €100)
  • 1,250 silver coins (face value €30)
  • 50,000 bimetallic coins of ordinary BU condition in paper rolls (nominal value of €3)
  • 1,000 bimetallic coins in proof quality, packed separately in plastic capsules (nominal value of €3)


Selected project – Matej Štanta


2022 slovenian numismatic program

2022 slovenian numismatic program


2022 slovenian numismatic program


2022 slovenian numismatic program



2022 annual BU set


Bank of Slovenia has also prepared sets of 2022 euro coins including all denominations of circulation coins (from one cent to two euros) with 2022 year mark, a two-euro commemorative coin and a three-euro collector coin for 2022. The following sets will be available:

  • 6,000 ordinary BU quality sets
  • 500 sets of euro coins in proof quality


Sources: Bank of Slovenia and NUMISMAG.

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