2023 italian numismatic program

2023 italian numismatic program

The Numismatic Collection of the Italian Republic is a representation of the history of the country where the main events, national anniversaries, great personalities, the beauties of art and literature, the excellence of the “Made in Italy”, sports, ancient history and the environment are represented and celebrated every year through the issue of dedicated coins. They arouse the interest and curiosity of collectors but also of many citizens passionate about their country.



Many innovations are included in the 2023 catalog. Two commemorative €2 coins will be issued in honor of the 150th anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni and the 100th anniversary of the Air Force.



2023 €2 Alessandro MANZONI




2023 €2 100th anniversary of the creation of the Italian Air Force


Pieces are also dedicated to the history of the Olympic Games in Italy (Cortina 1956 – Rome 1960 – Turin 2006), to an icon of excellence of Italian style in the world as the House Armani. The series from the comic book “Diabolik” highlights the characters of “Eva Kant” and “Ginko”.

Note a piece of shape, square, dedicated to the “Protection of the environment in the Italian Constitution”. Finally, the piece “Ryder Cup 2023” has a three-dimensional effect.




Two coins from the 2023 numismatic program have particularly caught the attention of the NUMISMAG team.



€5 – RAFFAELLA CARRA – (1943 -2021)




Metal: cupronickel

Mintage: 15000 coins

Engraver: PETRASSI Silvia

Yearmark: 2023

Denomination: €5

Edge: Polygonal with sixteen sides

Quality: Proof

Diameter: 27,5mm

Weight: 9,5g


This actress, singer and presenter of the RAI was a very famous character in Italy and has many admirers.


€5 environmental protection and Italian constitution




Metal: Silver and copper

Mintage: 3 000 coins

Engraver: FERRETTI Emanuele

Yearmark: 2023

Face value: €5

Edge: smooth

Quality: FDC

Diameter: 29mm x 29mm

Weight: 15,5g


Obverse: Representation of an earth that shelters a seed on which flows the incipit of art. 9 of the Italian Constitution on the protection of the environment and biodiversity; At the top left, a caterpillar on a branch is preparing for its metamorphosis. On the lower part of the outer frame, in copper, a texture pattern representative of nature’s ecosystems. At the top the inscription “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”.

Reverse: Representation of an earth in which a bud is coming to life on which flows the incipit of art. 41 of the Italian Constitution that underlines the right and duty of every citizen to the protection of nature; in the background you can see butterflies in flight that have completed their metamorphosis process, an image that ideally connects with the obverse. Respectively on the left and right of the seed, the value “5 EURO” and “2023”, the year of issue of the coin, and “R”, identifying the Mint of Rome; in exergo, signature of the author E. FERRETTI. Coin with colored elements.

This original coin, by its shape and with a relatively limited edition, has found its public since it is sold out at the Italian Mint the day of first sale day…


Sources: ZECCA and NUMISMAG.

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